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Price per Head Services


Our price per head services have 1 clear goal: To make you more money, with less work time and less risk.

We believe we excel in our goal. Our software is by far the best on the market. Why is it the best? For many reasons:

1- We offer the most reliable service on the market РWhen your players call in to our price per head call center, they are instantly greeted by experienced wagering clerks. Our clerks have great English skills and are well trained to ensure they are always  customer satisfaction minded. Also, our phone system is super clear, allowing players to easily put in bets without having to worry about bad phone connections.

2- We offer the most secure and anonymous platform on the market – When you give us information, we know that it is YOUR information. And we make sure to keep it that way. That means, we do not share your information with ANYONE, EVER, UNDER ANY CONDITIONS! We have invested heavily in advisers who are security experts at several top banks. We took their advice and applied it to make sure we are THE MOST Secure PPH provider on the market.

3- We are SUPER Accurate. We don’t mess up. We don’t monkey around. How? We only hire top notch employees. Our staff has an average of 7 years experience working in the online gambling industry. That means our guys know how to grade bets, we know how to input lines, we know how to settle issues before they become a problem. So forget about dealing with wagers that were mistakenly placed, or badly graded games. Get the the TRUE industry pros. Get with – Sign up to the right and get 1 FREE WEEK of service.


Casino Software for Bookies

We have some of the best price per head casino services on the market. With over 70+ of the most popular casino games, you are going to be earning a LOT MORE when you start using our premium, high end service.

Why limit your earnings? Offer your players the option to wager on 40+ slots games and all major table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and more. Of course, you can always choose not to offer casino games if you don’t want to.

Sportsbook Services

Our sportsbook services are the best in the industry. We offer a HUGE array of sports lines, not just the normal and most popular games that all other books have. Our lines are always up to date. Games are ALWAYS graded accurately. We sweat the little details so you don’t have to. Sign up for a FREE ONE WEEK trial and see for yourself why so many agents prefer our services over that of our competitors.

Live Casino Software for Bookies

We have a live casino software option that is bound to increase your profitability. If you choose to get this option, your players will be able to wager on the outcome and see LIVE STREAMING games played in a REAL casino in Costa Rica. Forget about video game like casino gambling, this is the REAL DEAL.

Horsebook per Head

Did you know that some price per head service providers charge EXTRA for horse racing? Well, they do. Fortunately, you aren’t dealing with an average, run of the mill per head provider. You are dealing with the one and only – We give you horses for FREE! Yeap, boost your revenue with racetrack betting. We cover all major racetracks around the country.

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